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Téma: Translator Specialist/Online Marketing

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    Alapbeállítás Translator Specialist/Online Marketing

    Roles & Responsibilities


    • Translate/edit English content under the supervision of the Content Translations Manager (including hotel descriptions, public notes, sales notes, site updates, press releases, travel articles, promotional emails and newsletters).
    • Comply with editorial guidelines.
    • Publish the translations on the website according to a set priority list.
    • Review/QA website content for errors, inconsistencies and localization issues.
    • Assist other departments in priority translation tasks.
    • Recruit, develop and project-manage a team of outsourced freelance translators where necessary.
    • Demonstrate a willingness to take on Ad Hoc projects in line with developing/changing business needs.

    Online Marketing and PR:

    • Review local language distribution partners for potential problems.
    • Assist with the translation and online / offline distribution of company articles and Press Releases.
    • Produce regular reporting on referrals, mentions and core site metrics.
    • Make use of available reporting tools and web analytics to identify and flag issues in website performance.
    • Monitor performance of website on the main search engines for select keywords.
    • Conduct competitor analysis and keyword research, while making key recommendations on language used on-site.
    • Monitor local language forums/blogs for the company mentions and post where relevant.
    • Submit and tag the company article releases in relevant categories of social bookmarking sites.
    • Research and implement ongoing link development strategies in the target language.

    Qualifications and skills

    • Bachelor's degree.
    • Native speaker of

    •Hebrew AND

    •Good English skills.
    • Prior experience working in an online environment highly desirable (e-commerce websites in particular).
    • Demonstrable understanding of modern ethical online marketing techniques, and a willingness to learn new skills.
    • Strong communication, organizational and time management skills.
    • Able to work to deadlines in a fast paced environment.
    • Bachelor's degree.

    Work location: Budapest, Hungary

    If you are interested in this position, please send your professional Cv to sarolta_magiatkellyservicesdothu

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    Alapbeállítás re: Translator Specialist/Online Marketing

    Native speaker of all seven languages???!!! Holy cow...

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    Alapbeállítás re: Translator Specialist/Online Marketing

    Idézet BoGyesz eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése
    Native speaker of all seven languages???!!! Holy cow...
    Nono, enough just six native skills and one good level in English

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